The Project Team

Keeble Brown Ltd.


 Keeble Brown provides public and community engagement services in support of development and regeneration projects.

Postal address:

Keeble Brown Ltd

10 Bonhill Street

London EC2A 4QJ

Telephone: 0207 843 3197


Retirement Villages Group Ltd.


 Retirement Villages’ projects have consistently won recognition, receiving national accolades and prizes for their outstanding landscaping and gardens.

We own and manage retirement communities across the UK, where our residents have chosen to enjoy an active, full and rewarding retirement.


Other Consultants

 A team of people with specialist skills and experience is needed to ensure the proposals meet the high standards that have been set. This team includes:

  • Barton Willmore - Planning Specialists
  • Thrive Architects - Lead Architects
  • CgMs - Heritage Advisers
  • Lloyd Bore - Landscape and Arboriculture
  • Quad Consult - Flood Risk and Drainage
  • TPA - Transport and Highways
  • Tweedie Evans Consulting - Geoenvironmental Advisers
  • Aardvark Planning Law