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During the pre-application phase we realised that reducing speeds on London Road for vehicles entering Albourne from the north and south would greatly benefit our scheme. We were not surprised to find that many local people also mentioned traffic speed during our consultation.

Consequently, we are proposing to apply traffic calming measures to the stretch of London Road from Butts Cottages in the north to the position of the existing 40mph signs to the south. We believe that our proposed measures will improve road safety on London Road for everyone - pedestrians and road users alike.

The proposed traffic calming measures:

  • · A virtual road narrowing ‘gateway’ feature, located at the existing 40mph signs, northbound on London Road. This will visually influence drivers approaching Albourne.
  • · The speed limit for northbound traffic will reduce to 30mph immediately after the driveway to Spurk Barn. Drivers will be influenced by a physical road narrowing and a visual change to the carriageway.
  • · There will be a pedestrian crossing close to the entrance to the proposed retirement village, opposite Hillbrook House. The crossing point will have a refuge island in the middle allowing pedestrians to cross the road in two movements.
  • · To the north a road narrowing with visual reminders, located slightly north of Butts Cottages, will enforce a speed reduction from 40mph to 30mph for southbound traffic. Northbound vehicles leaving Albourne will be able to travel at 40mph from this point.

We see a real benefit in calming traffic as it enters Albourne. We believe that this will improve the current situation, especially for people who directly access London Road or who use the junction at Church Lane.

However, your concerns, comments and suggestions are important, and we want to ensure these are properly reflected in the designs we will be submitting to West Sussex County Council, the responsible highways authority 

A technical drawing showing the elements of the proposed traffic calming measures

A technical drawing showing the elements of the proposed traffic calming measures

You can download the drawing

The drawing shows how we proposes to make modifications to help reduce traffic speed on the London Road through Albourne. We are proposing changes to the road layout and associated signage. A new 30mph limit would be applied to the section between Butts Cottages and the existing speed limit signs to the south. Traffic calming would affect vehicles driving into Albourne from the north and the south. A pedestrian crossing will help people crossing London Road.

Please feedback

Our proposal for a range of measures to calm London Road traffic is it approaches the junction with Church Lane, both from the north and the south will be submitted to the highways authority at West Sussex County Council. This proposal and consultation is totally separate from the planning application already submitted to Mid Sussex District Council. Any feedback relating to that, should be submitted via the District Council's planning portal.

Your feedback regarding the proposal to reduce traffic speeds and improve safety for pedestrians, cyclists and other road users should be sent to us so that we can make sure your views are properly reflected in the Highways Submission. Please make sure you send your comments to us by 5pm Tuesday 7th May 2019 

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